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Welcome to the new oldschool. The Bliss 32” sits right in the middle between our surfskates line and the old-school skateboards. Conceived as an all terrain board, good for long distance cruises, banks hunting and specially bowls. The pool-shape combined with our Legasee trucks and Lurra wheels makes it a very special and extremely fun board. Featuring an original design from Tel Aviv’s multidisciplinary artist Or Kantor.

The board features a kicktail and kick nose. Pressed with a high concave to keep your feet glued to the board. The shape, inspired by the oldschool skateboards, features a long and wide tail and a generous width across the board. Mounted with our new patented Legasee truck 149mm, which features a bigger turning radius than standard skate trucks that will bring you a nice surfy feeling, while letting you push with ease. It also mounts our new Lurra wheels 60×40 80a, which are fast and grippy enough for an all terrain usage.

All our decks are constructed with resin 7 hard rock maple responsibly sourced from areas under a forest conservation law aiming to save, maintain and regenerate the biodiversity of nature. All our trucks are funded in the Basque Country and follow the REACH regulation, ensuring the protection of human health and the environment.

Designed and manufactured in the Basque Country.