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The San Onofre 36” sets itself in between our Classic and Power surfing series. A mid-length surfboard-inspired shape designed to give you the most similar feeling possible to those kinds of surfboards. Long and wide lines… speed, flow and control. Try different foot placement and stances to change the riding experience. A short stance in between the ¼ and ¾ of the deck gives you a smooth feeling more similar to surfing on a mid-length. At the same time and given its long wheelbase, riding on a wider stance you can achieve a close feeling to when riding on a shortboard surfboard.

The San Onofre features a medium concave and a kicktail, which keep your feet in place and help you navigate with ease, but also allow you to adjust your position on the board when needed/wanted. Also featuring a long wheelbase of 20.75” which allows you to widen your stance in case you are tall and/or want to train surfing on land and also brings a classic surfing feel when skating on a shorter stance. Mounted on the Meraki system (S5) and 66x51mm 78A Ura wheels to keep your board on track and stable on most surfaces.

All our decks are constructed with 7 plies of hard rock maple – responsibly sourced from areas under a forest conservation law in the Great lakes aiming to save, maintain and regenerate the biodiversity of nature – pressed with a water-base glue. All our trucks are casted in the Basque Country and follow the REACH regulation, ensuring the protection of human health and the environment. Our wheels are made in-house using a Super High Rebound formula with top-quality urethane.

Designed and manufactured in the Basque Country, Spain.