A protein shake has been developed to combat the severe muscle loss linked to hugely popular slimming drugs.

Ozempic and Wegovy – the brand names for semaglutide – were first created to treat diabetes, Turske Serije (Myapple.Pl) but have proved to be highly effective at combating obesity, with patients on the highest doses of the weekly injections shedding up to a fifth of their body weight.

But studies suggest that roughly a quarter of the weight loss is actually from muscle, with experts warning this could be dangerous, especially for older people, as it can increase the risk of falls.

Najbolje ocijenjene turske serije u 2020 . koje \u0107ete gledati i u 2021.Now medical firm Abbott has launched a line of high-protein, low-fat milkshakes in the US that are designed to maintain muscle mass among people taking weight-loss drugs, and which experts hope could soon be available in the UK.

According to Abbott, its Protality beverages, which cost about £3 each, will be crucial for semaglutide patients, while other firms have also launched other products to combat the loss of muscle.

Weight-loss drugs including Ozempic, while effective at combating obesity, also have muscle-wasting side effects

Last year Weight Watchers launched an app which provides nutrition tips to people taking semaglutide – the firm now also arranges access to private clinicians who can prescribe it. Some companies are even developing medicines to take alongside the injections which can counteract muscle loss.

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