Vlone produced the initial bang to create the concept for mainstreaming pop music. Harlem was the home of casual and streetwear fashion in New York. Jabari shelton, the creator of this music production is known as A$AP Bari but he took this initiative ten years ago. Vlone music’s success has been directly attributed to A$AP members A$AP Rocky in particular, who put in an enormous amount of effort developing the rough & hard music harmony. Playboi carti & Ian Connor, who are also crew members, received many likes & appreciations for bringing the concept of Pop music to the streets of Harlem & their respective Vs logos.

A$AP Bari made some incredible steps to turn Vlone into the greatest fashion clothing brand. A$AP Rocky joined him in this endeavor, then Clot Edison Chen was added. He has the professional ability to make something look hip and chic.

Vlone launched their greatest fashion line with the theme LIVE ALONE & DIED ALONE. This got a lot of attention and traffic to the merchandise in online stores as well as the physical Vlone shops which were located in Hong Kong, NewYork & London. Retailers & wholesalers expected to double their profit as Vlone’s wave would rock the shows.

The love life of Vlone ready to immerse with the classic hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, accessories to the fashion world. V-outfits allows the styles to be more comfortable and appealing for teens or young adults. Vlone merchandise was unique and innovative for the youth. And the time had come when the streetwear music band would turn its wave into a fashion brand. Brands like Nike were ready to approach the shines of Vlone & the major collaboration of both these brands tends to make things happen. Nike Air Force 1s, with their Vlone Clothing Orange and black color combination, are a great example of this.

It has been six long years since the brand emerged & now, its owner is looking to do something more in 2017. He was ready to organize one outstanding exhibition which had a purpose to inaugurates the latest assortments of Vlone include Denim, sweatpants, hoodies, tees & many more so exceptional. The exhibition was held in the Paris Fashion Peak venue.

It is true to say that remarkable V-printing took the Vlone assortments at a great peak all over the globe. This was quietly much love & appreciated by the young adults. Everyone wants big Vs in front & back wear.

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